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The Registrant hereby furnishes the information set forth in its News Release, dated October 29, 2021, announcing third quarter 2021 results, a copy of which is included as Exhibit 99.1, and furnishes the information in the related 3Q21 Investor Relations Data Summary, a copy of which is included as Exhibit 99.2. Material available by hyperlink from the News Release is not deemed to be furnished herewith or included in this filing.


Exhibit No.Description
Exxon Mobil Corporation News Release, dated October 29, 2021, announcing third quarter 2021 results.
3Q21 Investor Relations Data Summary.
104Cover Page Interactive Data File (formatted as Inline XBRL).

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Date: October 29, 2021
By:/s/ LEN M. FOX
  Len M. Fox
  Vice President and Controller
  (Principal Accounting Officer)

News Release
 Exxon Mobil Corporation
 5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
 Irving, TX 75039
 972 940 6007 Telephone
 972 940 6143 Facsimile

ExxonMobil Earns $6.8 Billion in Third Quarter 2021

Quarterly earnings increased by $7.4 billion versus 2020 on improved demand and strong operations
Cash flow from operating activities of $12.1 billion funded capital investments, debt reduction, and dividend
Anticipate future annual capital investments of $20 billion to $25 billion; 4X increase in low-carbon spend
Expect to be well within debt-to-capital target range by year end; 4Q dividend increased to $0.88 per share
Starting 2022, share repurchase program of up to $10 billion over 12 - 24 months
On track to achieve 2025 emission-reduction plans by year end

Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Results Summary   
(Dollars in millions, except per share data)
Earnings/(Loss) (U.S. GAAP)6,750(680)4,69014,170(2,370)
Earnings/(Loss) Per Common Share
Assuming Dilution1.57(0.15)1.103.31(0.55)
Identified Items Per Common Share
Assuming Dilution(0.01)0.03(0.02)(0.20)
Earnings/(Loss) Excluding Identified Items
Per Common Share Assuming Dilution 1.58(0.18)1.103.33(0.35)
Capital and Exploration Expenditures3,8514,1333,80310,78716,603

IRVING, Texas – October 29, 2021 – Exxon Mobil Corporation today announced estimated third-quarter 2021 earnings of $6.8 billion, or $1.57 per share assuming dilution. Third-quarter capital and exploration expenditures were $3.9 billion, bringing year-to-date 2021 investments to $10.8 billion, as the company continued strategic investments in its advantaged assets, including Guyana, Permian Basin, and in Chemical.

Oil-equivalent production in the third quarter was 3.7 million barrels per day. Excluding entitlement effects, divestments, and government mandates, oil-equivalent production increased 4% versus the prior-year quarter, including growth in the Permian and Guyana.

“All three of our core businesses generated positive earnings during the quarter, with strong operations and cost control, as well as increased realizations and improved demand for fuels,” said Darren Woods, chairman and chief executive officer.

“Free cash flow more than covered the dividend and $4 billion of additional debt reduction. With the progress made in restoring the strength of our balance sheet, this week we announced a dividend increase maintaining 39 consecutive years of annual dividend growth."

"Next month, the board will finalize our corporate plan that supports investment in industry-advantaged, high-return projects, and a growing list of strategic and financially accretive lower-carbon business opportunities," added Woods. "The strong returns generated by our core businesses provide the near-term cash flows to fund lower-carbon opportunities that leverage our competitive strengths in technology, engineering and project development. We expect to increase the level of spend in lower-emission energy solutions by four times over the prior plan, adding projects with strong returns as well as seeding some development investment in large hub projects that require further policy support. Retaining flexibility to strike a balance across our different investment opportunities, while maintaining a strong balance sheet, is critical to ensure our business produces accretive, long-term returns and remains resilient under a wide range of future scenarios. We anticipate the company's strong cash flow outlook will enable us to further increase shareholder distributions by up to $10 billion through a share repurchase program over 12-24 months, beginning in 2022."

Third-Quarter Business Highlights

Average realizations for crude oil increased 7% from the second quarter. Natural gas realizations increased 28% from the prior quarter.

Liquid volumes increased 5% from the second quarter, driven by lower planned maintenance activity. Natural gas volumes decreased 2%, driven by lower demand in Europe.

During the quarter, production volumes in the Permian averaged approximately 500,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day, an increase of approximately 30% from the third quarter of 2020. The focus remains on continuing to grow free cash flow by lowering overall development costs and increasing recovery through efficiency gains and technology applications.

Fuels margins improved from the second quarter with increasing product demand. Lubricants continued to deliver strong performance, supported by above average basestocks margins, strong performance of the Rotterdam Advanced Hydrocracker, and lower operating expenses.

Overall refining throughput was up 5% from the second quarter on improved demand and lower planned maintenance activity.

After Hurricane Ida left much of Louisiana refining and oil production offline, ExxonMobil secured 3 million barrels from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to produce essential fuel supply, delivering record terminal throughput rates to impacted communities and front line workers in the state.

Quarterly earnings of $2.1 billion reflect reliable operations coupled with strong demand, supported by the company's global supply and logistics flexibility.

Industry margins remain historically strong, but moderated in the quarter driven by increased industry supply.

Capital Allocation and Structural Cost Improvement
ExxonMobil’s 2021 capital program is expected to be near the low end of the $16 billion to $19 billion range. In the fourth quarter, the board of directors will formally approve the corporate plan, with capital spending anticipated to be in the range of $20 billion to $25 billion annually.


During the quarter, the company paid down gross debt by an additional $4 billion. Year to date, ExxonMobil has reduced gross debt by $11 billion, and improved the total debt to capital ratio to 25%. The company expects to manage debt within a range of 20% to 25%, ensuring a strong, investment-grade credit rating.

In addition to reducing structural costs by $3 billion in 2020, the company has captured $1.5 billion in additional structural savings through the first three quarters of 2021. The company is on pace to exceed total structural cost reductions of $6 billion annually by 2023 compared to 2019 levels, with efforts continuing to identify further structural savings by leveraging the corporation's global scale and integration.

Strengthening the Portfolio
ExxonMobil continued to progress its high-return deepwater developments in Guyana, where discoveries at Pinktail and Cataback increased the estimated recoverable resource base to approximately 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Exploration, appraisal, and development drilling continues, with a total of six drillships currently operating. The Liza Unity floating production, storage and offloading vessel set sail from Singapore to Guyana in the quarter, and remains on schedule for startup in 2022. The third major development, Payara, is on schedule for 2024 startup, and Yellowtail is expected to achieve first oil in 2025.

In Baytown, Texas, the company plans to build its first, large-scale plastic waste advanced recycling facility, with startup expected by year-end 2022. This facility will be among the largest in North America. In Europe, ExxonMobil is collaborating with Plastic Energy on an advanced recycling plant in Notre Dame de Gravenchon, France, which is expected to process 25,000 metric tons of plastic waste per year when it starts up in 2023, with the potential for further expansion to 33,000 metric tons of annual capacity. These efforts support the company’s aim to build approximately 500,000 metric tons per year of advanced recycling capacity globally over the next five years.

Reducing Emissions and Advancing Low Carbon Solutions
ExxonMobil plans to grow investments that lower emissions, leveraging the company's technology, scale, integration, and global footprint. Cumulative low-carbon investments are anticipated to be approximately $15 billion from 2022 through 2027. The company is also on track to achieve its 2025 emissions intensity reduction plans by the end of 2021, and expects to announce accelerated Scope 1 and Scope 2 reduction plans later this year.

During the quarter, 11 companies, including ExxonMobil, expressed interest in supporting the large-scale deployment of carbon capture and storage technology in Houston. The companies agreed to begin discussing plans that could lead to capturing and safely storing up to 100 million metric tons per year by 2040. Carbon capture and storage is a critical technology in helping society meet its net-zero ambitions, and ExxonMobil has captured more human-made CO2 than any other company.

Last week, ExxonMobil announced engineering, procurement, and construction contracts as it plans to increase carbon capture and storage capacity by approximately 1 million metric tons per year at its LaBarge, Wyoming facility. The facility currently captures 6 to 7 million metric tons of CO2 per year and has captured more CO2 than any other facility in the world. A final investment decision is expected in 2022.

ExxonMobil announced its majority-owned affiliate, Imperial Oil Ltd., is moving forward with plans to produce renewable diesel at a new complex at its Strathcona refinery in Edmonton, Canada. When construction is complete, the refinery is expected to produce approximately 20,000 barrels per day of renewable diesel, which could reduce emissions in the Canadian transportation sector by about 3 million metric tons per year. The complex will use locally grown plant-based feedstock and hydrogen with carbon capture and storage as part of the manufacturing process.

The company signed an agreement with non-profit independent validator MiQ to begin the emission certification process for natural gas produced at Poker Lake facilities in the Permian Basin. Certified lower-emission natural gas validates reduction efforts and helps customers meet their emissions goals. The company has expanded use of aerial LiDARTM imaging and SOOFIE methane-detection technologies, and is evaluating additional next-generation applications as part of its ongoing initiatives to detect and reduce methane emissions.

Results and Volume Summary
Millions of Dollars3Q3Q  
(unless noted)20212020ChangeComments
Higher prices, increased volumes, and reduced expenses
Non-U.S.3,082298+2,784Higher prices and favorable one-time tax items

Total3,951(383)+4,334Price +3,950, volume +140, expenses +50, identified items +10, other +180
Production (koebd)3,6653,672-7
Liquids +27 kbd: less downtime, growth, and higher demand reflecting the absence of economic curtailments, partly offset by lower entitlements

Gas -206 mcfd: less downtime and growth, more than offset by lower entitlements, Groningen production limit, and divestments
Improved margins driven by stronger industry refining conditions
Improved margins reflecting stronger industry refining conditions, favorable asset management items, and reduced expenses, partly offset by unfavorable foreign exchange impacts
Margin +1,250, volume -10, expenses +70, identified items -10, other +190

Petroleum Product Sales (kbd)5,3275,023+304
U.S.1,183357+826Higher margins, partly offset by increased expenses driven by higher turnaround and maintenance activity
Non-U.S.957304+653Higher margins
Total2,140661+1,479Margin +1,640, expenses -50, identified items -120, other +10
Prime Product Sales (kt)6,6726,624+48
Corporate and financing(596)(727)+131Lower corporate costs, partly offset by net unfavorable tax impacts

Results and Volume Summary
Millions of Dollars3Q2Q  
(unless noted)20212021ChangeComments
Higher prices and increased liquids volumes, partly offset by unfavorable one-time items
Non-U.S.3,0822,522+560Higher prices, increased liquids volumes, and lower expenses, partly offset by the absence of favorable one-time items and seasonally lower gas demand
Total3,9513,185+766Price +750, volume +250, expenses +80,
other -310
Production (koebd)3,6653,582+83
Liquids +113 kbd: less downtime and Permian-driven growth

Gas -184 mcfd: less downtime, more than offset by lower seasonal demand and divestments
U.S.663(149)+812Higher margins driven by stronger industry refining conditions, and increased volumes and reduced expenses driven by lower turnaround activity
Non-U.S.592(78)+670Higher margins driven by improved industry refining conditions, increased volumes and reduced expenses driven by lower turnaround activity, and favorable one-time asset management items
Total1,255(227)+1,482Margin +790, volume +320, expenses +200, other +170
Petroleum Product Sales (kbd)5,3275,041+286
Increased expenses driven by higher maintenance and turnaround activity
Lower margins, partly offset by reduced expenses
Total2,1402,320-180Margin -210, volume +80, expenses +40,
other -90
Prime Product Sales (kt)6,6726,513+159
Corporate and financing(596)(588)-8

Results and Volume Summary
Millions of DollarsYTDYTD
(unless noted)20212020ChangeComments
U.S.1,895(2,582)+4,477Higher prices, increased liquids volumes, and reduced expenses; prior year identified items (+315, impairments)
Non-U.S.7,7951,084+6,711Higher prices and favorable one-time tax items, partly offset by lower liquids volumes driven by entitlement effects, and unfavorable foreign exchange impacts
Total9,690(1,498)+11,188Price +10,100, volume -210, expenses +520, identified items +420, other +360
Production (koebd)3,6773,785-108
Liquids -100 kbd: higher demand reflecting the absence of economic curtailments, and project growth, more than offset by lower entitlements, increased government mandates, decline and divestments

Gas -44 mcfd: higher demand offset by lower entitlements, Groningen production limit, and divestments
Higher margins on stronger industry refining conditions, and reduced expenses
Lower margins on weaker realized fuels margins, and unfavorable foreign exchange impacts, partly offset by reduced expenses; prior year identified items
(+335, mainly impairments)
Total638134+504Margin -50, volume -30, expenses +430, identified items +340, other -190
Petroleum Product Sales (kbd)5,0844,916+168
U.S.3,180816+2,364Higher margins, increased volumes, and reduced expenses
Higher margins, favorable foreign exchange, reduced expenses, and increased volumes
Total5,8751,272+4,603Margin +3,890, volume +260, expenses +190, identified items +90, other +170
Prime Product Sales (kt)19,63118,806+825
Corporate and financing(2,033)(2,278)+245Lower financing costs

 Cash Flow from Operations and Asset Sales excluding Working Capital
 Millions of Dollars3Q 
 Net income (loss) including noncontrolling interests6,942Including $192 million noncontrolling interests
 Changes in operational working capital659
 Cash Flow from Operating12,091 
 Activities (U.S. GAAP)  
 Asset sales18
 Cash Flow from Operations12,109 
 and Asset Sales  
 Changes in operational working capital(659) 
 Cash Flow from Operations11,450 
 and Asset Sales excluding Working Capital  

 Millions of DollarsYTD 
 Net income (loss) including noncontrolling interests14,519Including $349 million noncontrolling interests
 Changes in operational working capital2,232Higher net payables due to market conditions
 Cash Flow from Operating31,005 
 Activities (U.S. GAAP)  
 Asset sales575 
 Cash Flow from Operations31,580 
 and Asset Sales  
 Changes in operational working capital(2,232) 
 Cash Flow from Operations29,348 
 and Asset Sales excluding Working Capital  


ExxonMobil will discuss financial and operating results and other matters during a webcast at 8:30 a.m. Central Time on October 29, 2021. To listen to the event or access an archived replay, please visit www.exxonmobil.com.

Cautionary Statement

Outlooks, projections, goals, targets, descriptions of strategic, operating, and financial plans and objectives, and other statements of future events or conditions in this release, are forward-looking statements. Actual future results, including financial and operating performance; total capital expenditures and mix, including allocations of capital to low carbon solutions; cost reductions and efficiency gains, including the ability to meet or exceed announced cost and expense reduction objectives; plans to reduce future emissions and emissions intensity; timing and outcome of projects to capture and store CO2; timing and outcome of biofuel and plastic waste recycling projects; cash flow, dividends and shareholder returns, including the timing and amounts of share repurchases; future debt levels and credit ratings; business and project plans, timing, costs, capacities, and returns; and resource recoveries and production rates could differ materially due to a number of factors. These include global or regional changes in the supply and demand for oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and feedstocks and other market conditions that impact prices and differentials for our products; actions of competitors and commercial counterparties; the outcome of commercial negotiations, including final agreed terms and conditions; the ability to access short- and long-term debt markets on a timely and affordable basis; the ultimate impacts of COVID-19, including the extent and nature of further outbreaks and the effects of government responses on people and economies; reservoir performance; the outcome of exploration projects; timely completion of development and other construction projects; final management approval of future projects and any changes in the scope, terms, or costs of such projects as approved; changes in law, taxes, or regulation including environmental regulations, trade sanctions, and timely granting of governmental permits and certifications; government policies and support and market demand for low carbon technologies; war, and other political or security disturbances; opportunities for potential investments or divestments and satisfaction of applicable conditions to closing, including regulatory approvals; the capture of efficiencies within and between business lines and the ability to maintain near-term cost reductions as ongoing efficiencies; unforeseen technical or operating difficulties and unplanned maintenance; the development and competitiveness of alternative energy and emission reduction technologies; the results of research programs and the ability to bring new technologies to commercial scale on a cost-competitive basis; and other factors discussed under Item 1A. Risk Factors of ExxonMobil’s 2020 Form 10-K.

Frequently Used Terms and Non-GAAP Measures

This press release includes cash flow from operations and asset sales. Because of the regular nature of our asset management and divestment program, we believe it is useful for investors to consider proceeds associated with the sales of subsidiaries, property, plant and equipment, and sales and returns of investments together with cash provided by operating activities when evaluating cash available for investment in the business and financing activities. A reconciliation to net cash provided by operating activities for 2021 periods is shown on page 7 and for 2021 and 2020 periods in Attachment V.

This press release also includes cash flow from operations and asset sales excluding working capital. We believe it is useful for investors to consider these numbers in comparing the underlying performance of our business across periods when there are significant period-to-period differences in the amount of changes in working capital. A reconciliation to net cash provided by operating activities for 2021 periods is shown on page 7 and for 2021 and 2020 periods in Attachment V.

This press release also includes earnings/(loss) excluding identified items, which are earnings/(loss) excluding individually significant non-operational events with an absolute corporate total earnings impact of at least $250 million in a given quarter. The earnings/(loss) impact of an identified item for an individual segment may be less than $250 million when the item impacts several periods or several segments. We believe it is useful for investors to consider these figures in comparing the underlying performance of our business across periods when one, or both, periods include identified items. A reconciliation to earnings is shown for 2021 and 2020 periods in Attachments II-a and II-b. Corresponding per share amounts are shown on page 1 and in Attachment II-a, including a reconciliation to earnings/(loss) per common share – assuming dilution (U.S. GAAP).

This press release also includes total taxes including sales-based taxes. This is a broader indicator of the total tax burden on the corporation’s products and earnings, including certain sales and value-added taxes imposed on and concurrent with revenue-producing transactions with customers and collected on behalf of governmental authorities (“sales-based taxes”). It combines “Income taxes” and “Total other taxes and duties” with sales-based taxes, which are reported net in the income statement. We believe it is useful for the corporation and its investors

to understand the total tax burden imposed on the corporation’s products and earnings. A reconciliation to total taxes is shown as part of the Estimated Key Financial and Operating Data in Attachment I.

References to the resource base and other quantities of oil, natural gas or condensate may include estimated amounts that are not yet classified as “proved reserves” under SEC definitions, but which are expected to be ultimately recoverable. A reconciliation of production excluding divestments, entitlements, and government mandates to actual production is contained in the Supplement to this release included as Exhibit 99.2 to the Form 8-K of even date herewith. The term “project” as used in this release can refer to a variety of different activities and does not necessarily have the same meaning as in any government payment transparency reports. Further information on ExxonMobil’s frequently used financial and operating measures and other terms including "Cash operating expenses", “Cash flow from operations and asset sales”, "Free cash flow", and “Total taxes including sales-based taxes” is contained under the heading “Frequently Used Terms” available through the “Investors” section of our website at www.exxonmobil.com.

Reference to Earnings

References to corporate earnings mean net income attributable to ExxonMobil (U.S. GAAP) from the consolidated income statement. Unless otherwise indicated, references to earnings, Upstream, Downstream, Chemical and Corporate and financing segment earnings, and earnings per share are ExxonMobil’s share after excluding amounts attributable to noncontrolling interests.

Exxon Mobil Corporation has numerous affiliates, many with names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Mobil, Esso, and XTO. For convenience and simplicity, those terms and terms such as corporation, company, our, we, and its are sometimes used as abbreviated references to specific affiliates or affiliate groups. Similarly, ExxonMobil has business relationships with thousands of customers, suppliers, governments, and others. For convenience and simplicity, words such as venture, joint venture, partnership, co-venturer, and partner are used to indicate business and other relationships involving common activities and interests, and those words may not indicate precise legal relationships.


Estimated Key Financial and Operating Data
Attachment I
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
(millions of dollars, unless noted)
 Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Earnings (Loss) / Earnings (Loss) Per Share   
Total revenues and other income73,78646,19967,742200,675134,962
Total costs and other deductions64,18046,57161,435181,170137,232
Income (loss) before income taxes9,606(372)6,30719,505(2,270)
Income taxes2,6643371,5264,986378
Net income (loss) including noncontrolling interests6,942(709)4,78114,519(2,648)
Net income (loss) attributable to noncontrolling interests192(29)91349(278)
Net income (loss) attributable to ExxonMobil (U.S. GAAP)6,750(680)4,69014,170(2,370)
Earnings (loss) per common share (dollars)1.57(0.15)1.103.31(0.55)
Earnings (loss) per common share  
- assuming dilution (dollars)1.57(0.15)1.103.31(0.55)
Exploration expenses, including dry holes190188176530690
Other Financial Data  
Dividends on common stock    
Per common share (dollars)0.870.870.872.612.61
Millions of common shares outstanding  
At period end4,2344,228
Average - assuming dilution4,2764,2714,2764,2754,270
ExxonMobil share of equity at period end160,589177,400
ExxonMobil share of capital employed at period end219,399248,485
Income taxes2,6643371,5264,986378
Total other taxes and duties8,5727,9018,44124,29621,081
Total taxes11,2368,2389,96729,28221,459
Sales-based taxes5,7754,3035,44815,88511,917
Total taxes including sales-based taxes17,01112,54115,41545,16733,376
ExxonMobil share of income taxes of  
equity companies7131345251,838576


Attachment II-a
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
$ MillionsThird QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Earnings/(Loss) (U.S. GAAP)6,750(680)4,69014,170(2,370)
Identified Items Included in Earnings/(Loss)   
Noncash inventory valuation - lower of cost or market113(61)
Other items (severance - global workforce review)(5)(12)(48)
Corporate total(5)113(12)(48)(848)
Earnings/(Loss) Excluding Identified Items6,755(793)4,70214,218(1,522)
$ Per Common Share1
Earnings/(Loss) Per Common Share   
Assuming Dilution (U.S. GAAP)1.57(0.15)1.103.31(0.55)
Identified Items Included in Earnings/(Loss)
Per Common Share Assuming Dilution   
Noncash inventory valuation - lower of cost or market0.03(0.02)
Other items (severance - global workforce review)(0.01)(0.02)
Corporate total(0.01)0.03(0.02)(0.20)
Earnings/(Loss) Excluding Identified Items
Per Common Share Assuming Dilution1.58(0.18)1.103.33(0.35)
1 Computed using the average number of shares outstanding during each period.

Attachment II-b
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
(millions of dollars)
Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Earnings/(Loss) (U.S. GAAP)   
United States869(681)6631,895(2,582)
United States663(136)(149)401(338)
United States1,1833571,2823,180816
Corporate and financing(596)(727)(588)(2,033)(2,278)
Net income (loss) attributable to ExxonMobil6,750(680)4,69014,170(2,370)
Identified Items Included in Earnings/(Loss)   
U.S. Upstream   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)(315)
Non-U.S. Upstream   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)(11)(102)
U.S. Downstream   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)3(4)
Non-U.S. Downstream   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)6(335)
U.S. Chemical   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)29(90)
Non-U.S. Chemical   
Other Items (Inventory valuation, impairment)86(2)
Corporate and financing   
Severance - global workforce review(5)(12)(48)
Corporate total(5)113(12)(48)(848)
Earnings/(Loss) Excluding Identified Items   
United States869(681)6631,895(2,267)
United States663(139)(149)401(334)
United States1,1833281,2823,180906
Corporate and financing(591)(727)(576)(1,985)(2,278)
Corporate total6,755(793)4,70214,218(1,522)

Attachment III
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
 Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Net production of crude oil, natural gas   
liquids, bitumen and synthetic oil,   
thousand barrels per day (kbd)   
United States758692687704673
Canada / Other Americas569487529557509
Australia / Oceania4949454445
Natural gas production available for sale,   
million cubic feet per day (mcfd)   
United States2,7012,6112,8042,7572,692
Canada / Other Americas184269189197284
Australia / Oceania1,4641,2331,1681,2661,238
Oil-equivalent production (koebd)1
1 Natural gas is converted to an oil-equivalent basis at six million cubic feet per one thousand barrels.

Attachment IV
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
 Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Refinery throughput (kbd)   
United States1,6841,6011,5321,5831,533
Asia Pacific585486607579564
Petroleum product sales (kbd) 
United States2,3462,2972,2182,2152,163
Asia Pacific648614655656654
Gasolines, naphthas2,1912,0772,1172,1021,978
Heating oils, kerosene, diesel1,7961,7501,7041,7311,755
Aviation fuels228152201204227
Heavy fuels276242275269255
Specialty products836802744778701
Chemical prime product sales,  
thousand metric tons (kt)  
United States2,5312,3632,4917,2126,543


Attachment V
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Third Quarter 2021
(millions of dollars)
 Third QuarterQuarterFirst Nine Months
Capital and Exploration Expenditures   
United States9761,2609252,7115,695
United States1993901936631,856
United States3854073139061,567
Cash Flow from Operations and Asset Sales excluding Working Capital
Net cash provided by operating activities 
(U.S. GAAP)12,0914,3899,65031,00510,663
Proceeds associated with asset sales18100250575229
Cash flow from operations and asset sales12,1094,4899,90031,58010,892
Changes in operational working capital(659)(863)380(2,232)1,539
Cash flow from operations and asset sales11,4503,62610,28029,34812,431
excluding working capital   

Attachment VI
Exxon Mobil Corporation
 $ Millions
$ Per Common Share1
First Quarter4,0100.95
Second Quarter3,3500.78
Third Quarter3,9700.93
Fourth Quarter8,3801.97
First Quarter4,6501.09
Second Quarter3,9500.92
Third Quarter6,2401.46
Fourth Quarter6,0001.41
First Quarter2,3500.55
Second Quarter3,1300.73
Third Quarter3,1700.75
Fourth Quarter5,6901.33
First Quarter(610)(0.14)
Second Quarter(1,080)(0.26)
Third Quarter(680)(0.15)
Fourth Quarter(20,070)(4.70)
First Quarter2,7300.64
Second Quarter4,6901.10
Third Quarter6,7501.57
1 Computed using the average number of shares outstanding during each period.

To assist investors in assessing 3Q21 results, the following disclosures have been made available in this 8-K filing:
-Identified items of $(0.01) per share assuming dilution, as noted on page 1 of the news release
-A reconciliation of cash flow from operations and asset sales excluding working capital on page 1 of this exhibit and on page 7 and attachment V of the news release
Earnings (Loss), $M3Q212Q211Q214Q203Q20
 United States869663363(16,803)(681)
 United States663(149)(113)(514)(136)
 United States1,1831,282715461357
Corporate and financing(596)(588)(849)(1,018)(727)
Net income (loss) attributable to ExxonMobil (U.S. GAAP)6,7504,6902,730(20,070)(680)
Earnings (Loss) per common share (U.S. GAAP)  1.571.100.64(4.70)(0.15)
Earnings (Loss) per common share
- assuming dilution (U.S. GAAP)1.571.100.64(4.70)(0.15)
Exploration expenses, including dry holes190176164595188
Capital and Exploration Expenditures, $M     
 United States9769258101,1221,260
 United States199193271488390
 United States385313208435407
Total Capital and Exploration Expenditures3,8513,8033,1334,7714,133
Effective Income Tax Rate, %33%30%33%22%(198)%
Common Shares Outstanding, millions     
 At quarter end4,2344,2344,2344,2334,228
 Average - assuming dilution4,2764,2764,2724,2724,271
Total Cash and Cash Equivalents, $B4.
Total Debt, $B56.660.663.367.668.8
Cash Flow from Operations and Asset Sales, $M     
 Net cash provided by operating activities12,0919,6509,2644,0054,389
 Proceeds associated with asset sales18250307770100
 Cash flow from operations and asset sales12,1099,9009,5714,7754,489
 Changes in operational working capital(659)380(1,953)114(863)
Cash flow from operations and asset sales excluding working capital

Net production of crude oil, natural gas3Q212Q211Q214Q203Q20
liquids, bitumen and synthetic oil, kbd     
 United States758687665719692
 Canada / Other Americas569529575619487
 Australia / Oceania4945393949
Total liquids production2,3132,2002,2582,3252,286
Natural gas production available for sale, mcfd     
 United States2,7012,8042,7672,6862,611
 Canada / Other Americas184189216253269
 Australia / Oceania1,4641,1681,1641,1611,233
Total natural gas production available for sale8,1108,2949,1738,1858,316
Total worldwide liquids and gas production, koebd 1
Refinery throughput, kbd     
 United States1,6841,5321,5321,5941,601
 Asia Pacific585607545522486
 Other Non-U.S.163164157150148
Total refinery throughput4,0513,8583,7513,7553,759
Petroleum product sales, kbd     
 United States2,3462,2182,0772,1282,297
 Asia Pacific648655665645614
 Other Non-U.S.457450458418413
Total petroleum product sales5,3275,0414,8814,8335,023
 Gasolines, naphthas2,1912,1171,9962,0392,077
 Heating oils, kerosene, diesel1,7961,7041,6921,7391,750
 Aviation fuels228201183172152
 Heavy fuels276275257237242
 Specialty products836744753646802
Total petroleum product sales5,3275,0414,8814,8335,023
Chemical prime product sales, kt     
 United States2,5312,4912,1902,4672,363
Total chemical prime product sales6,6726,5136,4466,6436,624

1 Natural gas is converted to an oil-equivalent basis at six million cubic feet per one thousand barrels.

Earnings Factor Analysis, $M
3Q21 vs. 3Q20
3Q21 vs. 2Q21
2021 vs. 2020
Prior Period(383)3,185(1,498)
Noncash effect of year-end reserves-230-750
Volume / Mix140250-210
Identified Items10420
Current Period3,9513,9519,690
Prior Period(231)(227)134
Volume / Mix-10320-30
Identified Items-10340
Current Period1,2551,255638
Prior Period6612,3201,272
Volume / Mix80260
Identified Items-12090
Current Period2,1402,1405,875
Upstream Volume Factor Analysis, koebd  
Prior Period3,6723,5823,785
Downtime / Maintenance 108128-11
Growth / Decline5850-20
Entitlements / Divestments-18216-141
Government Mandates10-6-38
Demand / Other-1-105102
Current Period3,6653,6653,677

Sources and Uses of Funds, $M3Q21    
Beginning Cash3,465    
Working Capital / Other351    
Proceeds Associated with Asset Sales18    
PP&E Adds / Investments and Advances1
Shareholder Distributions-3,720    
Debt / Other Financing-4,014    
Ending Cash4,768   

1 PP&E Adds / Investments and Advances includes PP&E adds of ($2.8B) and net advances of ($0.2B).
Average Realization Data3Q212Q211Q214Q203Q20
United States     
Crude ($/b)67.6263.2956.2039.0636.80
Natural Gas ($/kcf)3.332.783.362.201.62
WTI ($/b)70.5866.0957.8442.5640.91
ANS-WC ($/b)72.7068.5160.7644.7542.74
Henry Hub ($/mbtu)4.022.832.712.671.98
Crude ($/b)64.8960.5253.4137.8638.30
Natural Gas ($/kcf)9.036.766.134.853.41
European NG ($/kcf)10.816.765.874.873.25
Brent ($/b)73.4768.8360.9044.2243.00

The above numbers reflect ExxonMobil’s current estimate of volumes and realizations given data available as of the end of the third quarter of 2021. Volumes and realizations may be adjusted when full statements on joint venture operations are received from outside operators. ExxonMobil management assumes no duty to update these estimates.