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     Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported):  January 28, 2003

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ITEM 9.         Regulation FD Disclosure

                The Registrant hereby furnishes the information set forth in
                its News Release, dated January 28, 2003, announcing 2002
                additions to worldwide proved oil and gas reserves and the
                related reserve replacement percentage, a copy of which is
                included as Exhibit 99.



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                                   EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION

Date:  January 28, 2003            By:  /s/ Donald D. Humphreys
                                        Name:   Donald D. Humphreys
                                        Title:  Vice President, Controller and
                                                Principal Accounting Officer


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99            Exxon Mobil Corporation News Release, dated January 28, 2003,
              announcing 2002 additions to worldwide proved oil and gas
              reserves and the related reserve replacement percentage.


                                                                   Exhibit 99

News Release

                                                     Exxon Mobil Corporation
                                                     5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
                                                     Irving, TX 75039-2298
                                                     972 444 1107 Telephone
                                                     972 444 1138 Facsimile

                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                              TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2003

                     RESOURCE BASE AT 72 BILLION BARRELS

     IRVING, TX, January 28 -- Exxon Mobil Corporation announced today that

additions to its worldwide proved oil and gas reserves totaled 1.9 billion oil-

equivalent barrels in 2002, replacing 117 percent of production, including

property sales. Excluding property sales, reserve replacement totaled

118 percent of production.

     Exxon Mobil Corporation Chairman Lee Raymond said, "This marks the ninth

year in a row that we've exceeded 100 percent reserves replacement. I'm

especially pleased that, over the last several years, we have added reserves in

our established areas as well as those areas where we anticipate substantial

future production growth."

     The 2002 results were led by significant reserve additions from

ExxonMobil's growth areas in West Africa from developments in Angola, Nigeria,

and Equatorial Guinea; in Qatar from ExxonMobil's participation in the

development of the North Field gas resources; and in the Caspian Region from

the Megastructure fields in Azerbaijan and the Tengiz field in Kazakhstan.

Significant reserve additions were also made in established operations in North

America and Europe.

     Production totaled 1.6 billion oil-equivalent barrels in 2002, comparable

to 2001, although production capacity increased. Liquids production was 902

million barrels, and gas production totaled 4.2 trillion cubic feet.

                                     -  more  -

                                      -  2  -

     With 21.9 billion barrels of proved oil and gas reserves at yearend 2002,

ExxonMobil's reserve life at current production rates is over 13 years.


     For total resources, ExxonMobil added 2.2 billion net oil-equivalent

barrels in 2002 to the industry's largest resource base. Additions to the

resource base were once again characterized by geographically diverse and high

quality discoveries from drilling and acquisition of discovered but undeveloped

resources. The company's total oil and gas resource base of 72 billion

oil-equivalent barrels includes proved reserves and other discovered resources

that will likely be developed.

     Key 2002 additions were associated with successful exploration drilling

campaigns in West Africa including Angola, Nigeria, Chad, and the Congo;

Australia with the West Jansz discovery; North America in Alaska and the lower

48 states; the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan; and further expansions of our

activities in Qatar.

     "Continued high-quality additions to ExxonMobil's resource base are the

foundation of our long-term profitable growth," Raymond said.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: The term "resource base" includes quantities of discovered oil
and gas that are not yet classified as proved reserves but that we believe will
likely be developed in the future. The term "reserves," as used in this
release, includes proved reserves from Syncrude tar sands operations in Canada
which are treated as mining operations in our SEC reports.